Company Policies

"Our clients are number one always!"


Adelaide Impressions strives to provide for our clients:

  • A comprehensive, responsive and punctual service
  • A controlled, comfortable and discreet environment
  • A realistic choice in all areas of personal transportation
  • An A1 standard of service 24 hours every day



Adelaide Impressions' working environment will incorporate:

  • Progressive staff training and qualifications
  • Reward for service excellence at all levels
  • Open channels of communication
  • Strong focus on service and hospitality



Adelaide Impressions seeks to grow through:

  • Aggressive, interactive marketing
  • Fostering new and existing markets, pursuing repeat business
  • Listening and responding to our clients' needs
  • Building and improving reciprocal relations with related service providers


"If you are happy with our service, tell others.  If you are not, tell us!"